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THIS NOTE now no longer applies as the installer has been fixed. The information may still be useful

Windows installs 32 bit programs, of which Electric Pipes is one, in the special folder called "Program Files (x86)" and not the usual "Program Files" as is the case on 32 bit systems. To install the license correctly the default destination location that appears on the second screen of the installer MUST point to "Program Files (x86)".

The default destination location that appeared on the second screen of the License Update installer was filled in incorrectly for 64 bit windows systems. It appeared as C:\Program Files\The Baked Bean Company\EPipes3\ like the screen image below.

The default location for 64 bit Windows systems is now filled in correctly. It is
C:\Program Files (x86)\The Baked Bean Company\EPipes3\

Note the (x86) added after "Program Files" in the screen image below.

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