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Create registration file and send for a license

1.      Click the Start button to expose the start menu. Move the mouse over the “Electric Pipes 3.1” item and click it.

2.      In a few seconds Electric Pipes will open and load the last tune displayed.

3.      Move the mouse pointer over the “Help” menu item and click it to open the “Help” menu. Move the mouse pointer over the “Register Electric Pipes” menu item as shown above and click it to open the “Register Electric Pipes” dialog box.

4.      IGNORE any information that is printed in this box about your computer. It is the information that is used to license the program and has nothing to do with the License Holder. Fill in your name, country and email address in the fields provided. The ones with the * beside them. Click the boxes in the “Tick Program Options” panel to enable all the options you want. Then click the “OK” button.

5.      The next window that opens is the IMPORTANT one. This information screen tells you exactly where the Register.txt file is saved on your system and we need to know this for the next part of the process. Read the information carefully then select any of the buttons on the left to proceed with the next step.

6.      Close Electric Pipes by selecting the Exit item from the File menu as indicated above.

7.      Start your Mail program and create a new mail message. Address it to me at Andrew.baker@bakedbean.co.nz and fill in a suitable subject line. Now find the button that you click to attach a file to this email message. I am using Microsoft Outlook in the example above which has an “Attach File” button. Use whatever is appropriate for your program.

8.      A dialog window similar to this one should open into which we can type our Register.txt file name. Into the “File name:” field indicated by the arrow above type the text that we recorded in step 3.5. You need to do this exactly as the text appeared in that dialog window. In my case the text is
“C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Local\EPipes3\Register.txt”. Type in the name that appeared on your computer. Don’t enter the quote marks. When you have entered the name click the “Insert” button or  “Add” button or whichever button on your mail program closes the Attach File dialog window.


9.      You should now have an email message with the file “Register.txt” attached to it ready to send to me. Click the “Send” button to send it on its way.

10.  Alternatively if that doesn’t work you can recall the Register.txt file by clicking on the Start button.

11.  Then click on “All Programs”.

12.  Scroll the list down to “The Baked Bean Company” and click the item to expand it.

13.  Move the mouse pointer down to “Register Electric Pipes 3.1” and click this item. Notepad will open showing you the contents of the file Register.txt. You can now copy the content of this file and paste it into an email to us.



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